The October issue of Your Horse magazine is on sale now

What’s inside…

  • Showjumper Charly Edwards and her story of having a prophylactic double mastectomy
  • A reason to live: how horses can be a lifeline when it comes to mental health
  • Discover how beneficial hacking can be for your own mental health
  • Hack diary: catch up with Athene Turner, her husband Matt and his horse Thor
  • Work/Horse Balance: meet the business owner and project coordinator with three horses
  • Take Five with 2013 The Apprentice finalist and entrepreneur Luisa Zissman

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Eventer Eliza Stoddard helps you to negotiate treble combinations with ease
  • Teach your horse collection to keep him fit and active, starting in-hand
  • How to tackle vertical fences and planks with confidence
  • Why western-style riding hones an independent seat – plus other benefits
  • How to improve your accuracy and avoid costly mistakes in the dressage arena

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • Understand how your horse communicates with you and how you can communicate with him
  • Vet Notes: what to do if your horse is bitten by a dog and how to treat it
  • One pony’s battle with potentially fatal acorn poisoning
  • Learn all about the digestive system and how it influences weight gain and loss
  • Clipping conundrums: different types of clip and how to choose the right one for your horse

In Your Horse’s Gear – our Winter Rug Guide… 

  • Fitting a rug: a guide to measuring for and fitting a rug
  • Help and advice on picking the best weights to best suit your horse
  • Tips to ensure your rugs can be used for years to come
  • Turnout rugs: light- and medium-weights to protect your horse from the elements
  • Stable rugs: keeping the cold out on winter nights
  • Cooler rugs: keep him comfortable after exercise or in the horsebox
  • Therapy rugs: wardrobe options to support your horse’s wellbeing

In Ask The Experts:

  • Shoeing: going barefoot; introducing hot shoeing; improving hoof strength to keep his shoes on
  • Dressage: schooling on a hack; advice on stepping up to affiliated level; nailing collected canter
  • Legal advice: loan agreements; essential yard insurance; public liability insurance and where to get it
  • Feeding: preparing your veteran for the winter; managing a good-doer; how calming supplements work
  • Advice from Spillers: why feeding a balancer is suitable for many horses

Where to buy it…