Equestrian artists will be showcasing their work at a London exhibition starting next month (19 June-15 July, 2023).

Impressions of the Turf is an annual event celebrating Royal Ascot, and this year will feature four British artists at the Osborne Studio Gallery. All artists are seasoned equestrians, who have been involved in horses throughout their lives. Lara Robinson and Jessica Hills are new to the gallery, while Michelle McCullagh and Clementine St John Webster are long standing favourites.

The Debrief, Jessica Hills

“I was on ponies from age dot, and started riding out when I was fifteen,” said Jessica, who grew up in Lambourn and generations of her family were trainers and jockeys. She went on to ride in Africa and specialised in ridden safaris.

Horse lover Clementine explained her passion for capturing equines in her work.

“Painting horses combines everything I love in life,” she said. “It is a combination of science and art, it requires an understanding of their anatomy as well as seeing and portraying the subtlety of their behaviour.”

The Winner, Jessica Hills

Impressions of the Turf takes place from 19 June to 15 July, 2023, at Osborne Studio Gallery, 2 Motcomb Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8JU. Admission to the gallery is free. 

To find out more, visit www.osg.uk.com

Lead image: Cheltenham Cross Country Chase, Clementine St John Webster

Sheepskin Noseband, Michelle McCullagh

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