An eye-catching Andalusian cremello gelding, who found his way back to his now owner, five years after she initially fell in love with him, has gone on to star in a music video.

Lisa first set eyes on Ignatio (Principe Bonito), when he was two years old. She had paid a deposit to purchase the youngster, but when her husband had a car accident, she was no longer able to go through with the sale. Five years later, during the pandemic, Lisa was browsing horses for sale and came across a seven-year-old cremello.

She was unable to view the horse due to the lockdown, so she instead spoke with the owner and decided to have him vetted. He passed and Lisa had him transported to her livery yard in Four Elms, Edenbridge. The gelding’s passport was delivered two weeks later, as it was forgotten on the transport day, and Lisa could barely believe the information it contained.

“It was the same horse I put a deposit on and lost five years ago,” she said. “Fate definitely played a part in bringing us together. I was over the moon.”

Since then, the pair have enjoyed many adventures together and Ignatio was even selected to star in a music video with singer RoRo (see video below). Ignatio is registered with Models Direct, Devils Horseman and Virgin Record Label, to which he is named in the credits on the EP.

“He got chosen by the singer and had to go to the recording studio in London,” explained Lisa. “He was a complete star he looked after the singer and the actor who both had never sat on a horse before.

“It was filmed in a tiny studio and he was amazing, I was in total awe of him. We were there for hours but he just waited patiently, he made my heart burst. He’d never done anything like that before.”

Lisa has also shown Ignatio at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, and he has other filming opportunities on the cards. She also plans to enter some more shows with him and to enjoy some jumping, which he loves.

“He is very special we have a most amazing connection,” added Lisa, who purchased Ignatio on her 58th birthday. “He’s taken me to places I’ve never dreamt of. He’s my heart horse.”

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