Highland pony fans attending Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) next month (4-8 October) are in for a treat, as the event will be hosting a special celebration of the breed.

A parade of ponies is set to delight the audience on the Sunday of the show, with show ponies and working Highlands taking centre stage to showcase the versatility of the native favourite.

The performance will mark the 100th anniversary of the Highland Pony Society, which was borne from the National Pony Society, the main organisation responsible for administering native and riding ponies across the country at that time. Though the first attempt to create an independent organisation was thwarted by the First World War, the second was more successful when a group of influential landowners in Scotland met on the 25 May, 1923, and the Highland Pony Society was formed.

Today, the Highland Pony Society is one of the largest native breed organisations, which has in the region of 1,700 members from throughout the UK, Europe and extending to as far afield as New Zealand and Australia.

“What a fantastic year it has been to be involved with Highland ponies and to be a member of the society,” said Viki and Jordan Headspeath. “To celebrate the centenary, the council, members, and volunteers have organised a programme of fun and educational events for the membership and the wider public to enjoy. We look forward to showcasing the breed at HOYS and showing you all the versatility of our Highland breed.”

The parade will take place in the Andrews Bowen International Arena during the evening performance on Sunday 8 October.

Lead image by 1st Class Images

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