A valued police horse has retired to charity HorseWorld after developing a neurological condition which ended his career.

Seven-year-old Clover had served with South Wales Police since 2021 and had all the attributes to have a long career with the force. However, when it became apparent that something wasn’t quite right with the way he was walking, they sought veterinary advice.

Clover was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome which means the signals from his brain to his limbs aren’t fully coordinated and he was no longer able to cope with the physical demands of being a police horse. That’s when HorseWorld came to his aid.

“We’re grateful to HorseWorld for offering Clover the home of a lifetime and where all his medical needs will be met throughout his life,” said said Katrina Edmonds-Daniel, South Wales Police Horse Yard Manager. “We are sure he will make lasting friendships in his new home.”

HorseWorld’s Head of Equine Welfare, Sarah Hollister said the team were pleased to welcome Clover.

“He’s a gentleman and a credit to the training he received with South Wales Police,” she said. “He’s settled in really well and has even found himself a girlfriend. He has been assessed by our vets, and other than the neurological condition which brought about his early retirement, he’s very happy and healthy. We’ll continue to let him settle in, and really get to know his character, before deciding what his next chapter may be.

“He has such a sweet nature, we’re hoping he could be rehomed as a non-ridden companion on our loan scheme and enjoy life as part of a loving family.”

Standing at 16.2hh, Clover is in good company at HorseWorld alongside 17.1hh Shire horse, Lolly (pictured above) who was rescued in 2017. Lolly also has neurological problems very similar to Clover’s and will never be able to be worked.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to offer a home to horses like these.” said Sarah. “In this current climate, it’s hard for horses of this size to find a good home when they cannot be ridden. They are costly pets and there aren’t many people who are happy to take on a responsibility like that. Here they are safe, loved and are valued members of the HorseWorld family. Their individual needs will be met and we can guarantee they’ll never know cruelty or neglect for the rest of their lives.”

Lolly was rescued along with two other horses named Dime (pictured below with Lolly) and Florin. They were part of a herd of 27 Shire horses abandoned by their breeder. Multiple equine rescue organisations were involved in the rescue, each taking as many horses as they had room for.

Dime went on to be trained to harness and has found a loan home as a traditional working Shire horse. The veteran Florin lived to a good age but has sadly now passed away. Lolly remains at HorseWorld and is about to join the charity’s Sponsorship Scheme. This enables supporters to sponsor a rescued horse and receive a gift pack, updates about their chosen equine and the opportunity to visit them at special events.

To find out more about HorseWorld and sponsoring a horse, visit www.horseworld.org.uk

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