Freddie Fox, the original equine star of Horses Inside Out, has died.

The grey gelding was owned by company founder Gillian Higgins and featured as a model on multiple books, DVDs, lecture demonstrations, online webinars and tutorials.

He was painted to show numerous anatomical systems, including the skeleton, soft tissues, digestive system, respiratory system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system and even the reproductive system of a mare in foal.

“He has contributed to raising awareness about equine anatomy, biomechanics, movement, soundness, welfare, riding, training and management practices for the good of horses everywhere,” said Gillian in a statement. “He was a very special horse that will never be equalled.”

Gillian bought Freddie, who is the cover star on six of her books, as a five-year-old while she was at university and the pair competed up to intermediate level eventing.

Freddie and Gillian in front of the camera. Photos: Horses Inside Out

The grey served as the model at Gillian’s first ever workshops, where he was painted with anatomical structures.

She had the inspiration to start painting horses in this way when she realised how riders could benefit from learning more about how the horse’s body works.

The success of these lead to further presentations and from there, Horses Inside Out was born.

“I am so pleased that Freddie will live on to help future generations of equestrians from all disciplines and walks of life, as he is immortalised in my published books and videos,” said Gillian.

“It’s humbling to think just how many people across the globe must have a picture of Freddie contained within their bookshelves at home.”

View a tribute and pictures of Freddie’s life here.

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