Thought your horse was prone to getting stuck in funny places? They may have a rival for their goofy behaviour, as a gelding named Spottie managed to find himself trapped in a bin earlier this week.

Owner Karen Fane shared pictures of her horse’s unusual predicament after he had been safely freed, and told Your Horse she couldn’t believe it when she found the 19-year-old in the container and was baffled as to how he got there.

“The more I think about it, the more confused I am. I can only assume he had a strop and reared, as the water had iced over again and he then ended up with both legs in the water bin,” she laughed. “I used to use gorilla buckets but he would pull those over or play in them.”

Karen said that she was able to free Spottie by pushing him sideways and asking him to move over. Eventually he “popped out”, completely unscathed.

Spotty is no stranger to causing mischief on the yard.

“He is a cheeky boy, he throws his empty feed bucket back over the stable door for refilling, he will push over a full wheelbarrow, empty ones are left,” said Karen. “He loves to stand on brush handles until they snap, I can’t leave his coats out to dry as he pulls them off, teeth marks in them and will stamp all over them.”

Karen lost her nerve in the saddle after a freak riding accident, which required a long recovery, but she broke the gelding to drive and the pair have competed at driving competitions, as well as for pleasure.

“He even took me to the church for my wedding, along with our Dalmatian,” added Karen, who explained she has a “spotty family” with four Dalmatians as well as her beloved spotted horse.

“I did get back to riding, but only with a friend, and we’ve done pleasure rides and I did go out with the local hunt. I found that just shutting my eyes and holding on works well, he knew what he was doing. I love him to bits.”

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