A horse has been rescued after “deciding to go ice-skating” on a large frozen pond in Texas during a record-breaking winter storm in the area.

Denton County Emergency Services came to the aid of bay mare Rose on 18 February after she became trapped in the icy water.

Video footage of the rescue shows three-year-old mustang Rose submerged up to her withers, while crews use a chainsaw to create a path through the ice.

A rescuer, wearing a harness held by his colleagues on the side of the water, carefully catches Rose with a rope. Cries can be heard from her concerned owner as she is slowly led to safety.

Once out of the water, she is moved to firm ground and rubbed with towels.

“Crews used a water rescue suit, rescue ropes, hand tools and a chainsaw to access and remove the horse safely,” said a spokesman for Denton County Emergency Services shortly after the rescue.

Credit: Denton County Emergency Services

“[The] owners are currently warming the horse and looks to be ok. The firefighter was cold, but doing ok after getting out of the water and warming up.”

Rose’s owner said her horse was making good progress after “trying to go ice-skating”.

“She is doing well this evening and starting to act like her old self again,” she said two days after the rescue. “She feels good enough to bring back her classic stank face towards her little brother Finn.”

She thanked all those involved in the rescue, including Denton County Emergency Services, Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department and Argyle Fire Station, as well as all those who had sent well wishes to the mare.

The fire service told Your Horse both Rose and the firefighter that rescued her are doing well two weeks later.