A charity for retired racehorses will be welcoming heavy horses to their centre for the day, for a special public event run in association with the Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association.

HEROS’ Open Day will take place next month (25 June) from 10am–3pm at the charity’s base in Oxfordshire. Visitors will be able to see a variety of heavy horses from predominantly working bases in the South of England, along with the resident retired racehorses.

The Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association will be showcasing a number of breeds including Boulonnais, Clydesdale, Comtois, Percheron and Shire horses, as well as the Suffolk Punch. Attendees will be able to meet the horses and enjoy demonstrations, including flight and harness making, and how different breeds are plaited, as well as live demonstrations of shoeing.

The horses will be put through their paces with driving and logging displays as well as some fun competitions, where the gentle giants will show off their agility. Dray horses will be on display pulling their carriages, with other vintage carts to view.

Booking in advance is available at the HEROS website www.heroscharity.org/shop. Tickets cost £10 and funds will go towards the upkeep and rehabilitation of horses in HEROS care and support The Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association.

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