Equestrians have been invited to cover 70 miles this summer to help abandoned and neglected horses and donkeys. The Great Horses for Health event 2022 is challenging horse lovers in the UK to join the 70/70/70 challenge and raise money for equine charities.

The event launched on 19 June and will end on 28 August, spanning 70 days – a duration chosen to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and also the 70th Anniversary of lead charity HorseWorld. One of the ways to get involved is to take part yourself and attempt to cover 70 miles in 70 days, or raise £70.

“You can complete the 70 miles in any way you like,” said a HorseWorld spokesman. “You don’t even need to have an equine with you; why not walk, cycle, or do a combination? By registering you can take part in exclusive events organised around the UK and which you can use towards achieving your 70 mile total.”

This year the event is supporting HorseWorld, Riding for the Disabled Association, and a number of smaller equine charities via the Horses for Health Equine Welfare Grants Scheme. Every penny raised will go to helping horses in need.

If you raise £70 or complete 70 miles you’ll be sent a medal as a ‘thank you’ for your support.

To find out more about The Great Horse for Health Event and to sign up visit www.horses4health.co.uk/challenges

Earlier this month Your Horse reported HorseWorld was celebrating its 70th anniversary. The team has been counting down some of their achievements and milestones in the build-up to the anniversary day later this year, as well as encouraging supporters to support fundraising events, including an Open Day on 30 July (ticketed event, see HorseWorld website for details).

HorseWorld cares for around 100 horses, ponies and donkeys on its site, and provides after-care and support for around 200 more who have been rehomed throughout the South-West.

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