This week is Gastric Ulcer Awareness Week (19- 23 June), an awareness initiative aiming to shine a spotlight on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS). The aim of the week, hosted by the makers of SPILLERS™, is to help horse owners understand more about this common condition and to provide free practical guidance on how to help minimise the risks.

Gastric ulcers are thought to affect approximately 90% of racehorses, 60% of competition horses and up to 50% of leisure horses. The prevalence of the condition makes it important understand what EGUS is, how to spot potential signs and how to prevent the condition.

EGUS is a collective term which includes squamous or ‘non-glandular’ ulcers (understood to be the most common) and glandular ulcers, which are found in the region of the stomach where acid is produced. Reduced forage intake and diets high in starch and sugar can increase the potential for ulcers. The splashing of gastric acid onto the lining of the non-glandular region of the stomach during exercise can also heighten the risk.

Research published by SPILLERS, in collaboration with colleagues in Spain and Denmark, was the first to prove that changes in diet can help to reduce the recurrence of non-glandular ulcers following veterinary treatment. Basing the diet on forage and restricting the amount of starch and sugar fed per day and per meal are key to reducing the risks.

During the Gastric Ulcer Awareness Week, the SPILLERS team will be focussing on the causes, signs, risks and management of gastric ulcers and will be providing a free downloadable guide containing all the essential information horse owners need to help keep their horses in good gastric health.

“Whether you have a high performing sports horse, a Riding Club all-rounder or a family pony, there is a risk of gastric ulcers,” said Sarah Nelson, Product Manager at Mars Horsecare, home of the SPILLERS brand. “We want to make it as easy as possible for horse owners to access all the practical information they need on EGUS, to help them keep their horses healthy, which is why we have produced our downloadable guide. Remember that you can also call the SPILLERS brand Care-Line for bespoke advice on nutrition management for gastric ulcers.”

Click here and like the SPILLERS brand Facebook page, where you will see the latest updates during the event and have a daily chance to win feed from the SPILLERS BETA EGUS approved range; SPILLERS Ulca Balancer, SPILLERS Ulca Fibre, SPILLERS Alfalfa-Pro Fibre and SPILLERS Ulca Power Cubes.

You can download the SPILLERS Gastric Ulcers Guide here.

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