An ex-racehorse rehabilitated and rehomed by Racehorse Relief is enjoying a new life in a hacking home.

The Cornwall-based charity is running an online auction of money-can’t-buy items to raise funds so that it can continue its work in the future.

Daisy was bred for a career in racing, however, she failed to make the grade and was subsequently sold. The mare enjoyed low-level competitions for many years, until she developed behavioural issues.

Daisy’s feet were turned inward, causing considerable pain. Photo: Aimee Curnow

Her behaviour became increasingly dangerous and so Daisy’s owner decided to sign her over to Racehorse Relief.

“When she arrived, we immediately noticed that her shoulders and front feet were completely out of line,” said a charity spokesperson.

“Her front feet were almost completely turned inward, causing unbearable pain.”

With the help of equine chiropractor Emma Staton and equine podiatrist Aimee Curnow, Daisy’s feet and shoulders gradually returned to their correct positions.

“Her rehab took between 12 and 18 months, and involved a lot of very basic straight-line hacking,” added the spokesperson. “We couldn’t risk any turns or bends as this would have hindered her shoulder rehab progress.

“Once Daisy had completed her rehab and we were satisfied she was in the best condition possible, she was rehomed.”

Daisy is now enjoying life as a pleasure horse, predominantly hacking with her new keeper, Beth.

“Daisy is an amazing an animal and a massive part of our family,” smiled Beth.

“Her best friend is Fern the goat; they are stabled next to each other and Fern will often wonder into Daisy’s paddock for a chat.

“Daisy likes to chat and gives lots of kisses and snuggles for treats bought by my husband especially for her.”

Being a Thoroughbred, Daisy loves to gallop.

“We hack for miles with my daughter and her pony — through woods and rivers, across fields and along bridlepaths and roads,” added Beth.

“Daisy loves to run — her little ears go forward and she is off.

“She also loves a fresh bed and lies down to sleep every night — we have a camera in her stable to watch her — and she refuses to spend the night in the field. In fact, she expects to be put in her stable the moment it rains.”

Diverse skills

Princess in action. Photo supplied by Racehorse Relief

Another Thoroughbred who showed little potential for a racing career is Charming Princess.

The mare retired at the tender age of three and was sold to a non-racing home.

There she proved how diverse an ex-racehorse’s skills are, taking part in riding club activities and producing one foal.

Due to personal reasons, Princess’ owner signed the mare over to Racehorse Relief.

One of the charity’s riders, Leia Massey, evented Princess in under-18 British Eventing classes and she was also competitive in local dressage, showjumping and combined training classes.

“Princess has been one of my favourite mares to work with because of her willingness to learn and her enthusiasm for eventing,” says Leia.

Due to hock issues, Princess is now semi-retired and living out the rest of her days at Racehorse Relief.

The Racehorse Relief online auction is open for bidding until 6pm on Easter Monday, 6 April 2021.