Are you an aspiring photographer? Does your horse like to pull funny faces or does your pony strut his stuff around his field?

Entries for the 2021 Animal Friends Insurance Comedy Pet Photo Awards are open!

The competition, sponsored by Animal Friends Insurance, aims to showcase the incredible impact pets can have on our lives.

You can enter online here with the chance to win the cash prize of £2,000 and be crowned the 2021 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photographer of the Year. For inspiration, see previous entries below.

Entries cost:

  • £5 for 5 photos or videos
  • £10 for 15 photos or videos
  • additional entries cost £1.95 per image

The competition is hosted by Animal Friends Insurance, an award-winning pet insurer that offers a range of policies for animal insurance. Since being founded in 1998, the company has donated more than £5.6 million to over 500 animal welfare charities, including £1 million in 2020 alone.

This year’s awards will support UK-based charity Animal Support Angels, who provide support to thousands of animals across the UK and beyond. Their community projects range from controlling feral populations to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals.

The competition categories are:

  • Dogs: Our Best Friends
  • Cats: Our Fabulous Feline Friends
  • The Mighty Horse
  • All Other Creatures Great and Small
  • Pets Who Look Like Their Owners
  • Junior (16 and under)
  • Awesome Video Clip of Your Pet (up to 15 seconds)

Entries can be submitted into one category, or a mixture. To find out more information about the categories, click here.

Category winners receive a Comedy Pets goodie bag, whilst the Overall Winner wins a cash prize of £2,000.

Entries close at midnight on 15 August 2021.

Need some inspiration?

The competition was first held in 2017, and then for a second time in 2020. Below are a selection of previous entries, including the winners of both Overall Award and the Junior Category in 2017, and the 2020 Mighty Horse category.

2017 Overall Winner and Junior category winner; “Look at me” by Nando Harmsen

“I know it’s lockdown, but is there a dental hygienist who will take me on?” by Jacki Gordon

2020 Might Horse category winner; “Gossip Girls” by Magdalena Strakova 

“That’s the spot” by Kenady Marshall

“Smile!” by Heather Ross

You can also see the 2020 Finalists here.

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