A rare Suffolk Punch foal has been born in Devon and she is believed to be the first of the year for the critically endangered breed.

The filly foal arrived earlier this month (2 February) at Edgehill Rare Breeds, a working farm specialising in rare breed farm animals.

Edgehill Florrie is by Holbeache Revel and the third foal out of Gateridge Imogen. Florrie was up and feeding quickly after her arrival and dam Imogen is doing well.

“Imogen was an absolute star, and was true to her normal foaling pattern,” said a Edgehill spokesman. “We are really happy with this foal, Revel seems to produce lovely stock so fingers crossed for some more soon.”

They added that Florrie was already a hit with visitors, and thanked everyone for their support.

A welcome boost

Suffolk Horses are registered on the ‘Priority’ list of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, making them critically endangered.

Traditionally they were bred to work clay soil, but today the breed has become more versatile, being used for agricultural work, ploughing and timber hauling, as well as in showing and for ridden disciplines.

The Suffolk Horse Society raises funds for breeding and showing grants, and for research into breeding techniques to prevent the Suffolk Punch from dying out. To find out more, click here.

Images by Edgehill Rare Breeds

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