Young riders and Pony Club members have teamed up at Eccleston Equestrian Centre to raise funds for Ukraine.

The children were sponsored to take on chores over a two-week period and complete a walk around the fields of the North West riding and training yard.

The youngsters each carried a backpack with items they would take with them if they had to leave home.

A total of £2,620 was raised and funds will be split between British Equestrians for Ukraine, which aims to help horses and their owners caught up in the crisis, and the Disasters Emergency Committee, an umbrella group of UK charities which raises funds to provide emergency aid.

One rider, Vivian Ormesher, raised £300 which was matched by ASDA to £600. This went to Urban Outreach at Bolton, a Christian charity providing support for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

Karen Norris, owner of the equestrian centre, said she and the Eccleston team were “so proud of the riders and Pony Clubbers who supported the appeal.

“We had a phenomenal response to our fundraising, they did an amazing job.”

The sponsored walk took place last month (2 April).

Lead image: The team of young riders and Pony Club members set off on the sponsored walk around the field of Eccleston Equestrian Centre

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