Major trauma consultant, founder of All The Kings Horses, para dressage rider and BETA CMO, Dr Diane Fisher, has won Social Influencer of the Year at The Equestrian Business Awards.

Diane works at the Royal Stoke as a Major Trauma and Emergency Medicine Consultant. She founded her All The Kings Horses platforms on Facebook and Instagram to help educate equestrians around horse related injuries, the potential severity, how to describe injuries to medical professionals correctly, and to help keep everyone safer when spending time with the animals they love.

This led Diane to share numerous pieces of content including the Rider Clinic which is a live stream discussing injuries with riders who have recovered and safety equipment manufacturers. Diane’s passion for safety led her to BETA where she now holds the role of Chief Medical Officer (CMO), working alongside the BETA team to help promote safety and training at an industry level. She’s also featured on Channel 5’s 999:Critical Condition.

“The category was extremely strong and it was a privilege to facilitate an award that allows social media influencers to be celebrated for their contribution to educating others, bringing the equestrian community together, promoting equestrian business and highlighting important equestrian causes,” said Katy Wright, founder of The Equestrian Business Awards.

“I am honoured to award Dr Diane Fisher for her invaluable contribution to social media platforms which cover a range of medical related topics which empowers equestrians to stay safe. Her content is understandable, engaging, easy to remember in times of crisis and she does all this while working as a trauma consultant as well as competing her own horses. She is a phenomenal person!”

Diane said she was thrilled to receive the award.

“I started the accounts to just help riders as I see a lot in my line of work, and I wanted to help teach people how to stay safer, but also get the right help when things go wrong,” she said. “As a rider myself, it’s not about telling people not to do things, just how to do things in a safer way, and to be recognised in this way is just huge for me.

“I’d also like to mention Esme and Christa, who were also finalists, as I love the content they create, and to thank Katy for providing such an amazing platform for us all.”

For more information on Dr Diane Fisher, follow All The Kings Horses on Facebook or follow her @all_the_kings_horses_ on Instagram.

Image by Mike Spencer Photography

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