A former serving soldier and equestrian will be leading a Remembrance Parade with her beloved horse, Chester, who will be sporting a very special rug. Samantha Wenn told Your Horse that when she reached out to the local community asking if they would help create a rug for her horse for Remembrance Day, she was overwhelmed by the positive response.

She approached members of the public via her Facebook page The Adventures Of The Floppy Ear Pony In Sandy and on other groups around her area, to see if anyone would be interested in helping.

“The response we have received has been absolutely phenomenal,” she said. “What started off as a couple of crochet poppies turned into hundreds. The local community have been absolutely fantastic and have made us all proud.

“My mother has spent many months and hours sewing all the beautiful crochet poppies onto our rug, and sewn individual buttons in the middle of each poppy and the leaves.”

Chester will lead the parade

Chester’s rug will be shown off in front of crowds, as he and Samantha will be leading the parade in their local town in Bedfordshire on Sunday (12 November).

“I wrote to our local council to see if we would be able to take part this year at the Remembrance Parade, and to our delight they said yes,” said Samantha. “We are now leading the parade in Sandy.

“I am an ex serving soldier who served for eight years in the Army. I also served six months in Afghanistan. This is our way of remember not just the fallen soldiers but also the animals who served beside them.”

Samantha is raising money for the Royal British Legion. To find out more, click here.

Chester on a previous parade

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