A power company is calling on riders to be more aware of power lines when hacking out.

UK Power Networks, who own and run electricity infrastructure in the East and South East of England, are launching a new campaign called ‘Look Out, Look Up’ to make people more aware when riding near power lines.

Damaged or low overhead power lines can pose a danger to both horse and rider and the organisation is urging riders to scan rural areas for potential dangers before riding too close.

Peter Vujanic, head of health and safety at UK Power Networks said: “Nowadays riders take on much more responsibility for their own personal safety when riding and jumping.

“To that end, we invite riders to ‘Be Bright, Stay Safe’ and take a moment to think about the potential hazards around them as they work or play in the countryside.

“It could save lives if, before you set off across a field or through a wood, you cast an eye around to check for potential dangers.”

How to stay safe while hacking

  • Avoid riding in poor visibility. It might not be possible to spot a low-hanging power line.
  • Look out and look up for nearby overhead power lines. Electricity can jump across gaps so do not get too close to power lines or equipment.
  • Look out for the signs – take note of any warning signs (typically a yellow “Danger of Death” sign). Horse and rider need to stay well away from these marked areas.
  • Call 105 to tell the local electricity company if an incident occurs or you spot overhead lines that look too low. If there’s a danger to the public, also call the police.

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