A pony found tied to the front gates of an industrial site unit in Doncaster has been taken in by equine welfare charity, Bransby Horses.

Workers arrived at S.I.M Warehouse and Logistics Company on Shaw Lane Industrial Estate to find the pony in the unusual setting. They created a holding pen and gave him a bucket of water before calling the Bransby Horses’ Welfare Line for advice.

“When we arrived we knew we would have to remove him from where he was as it was not a safe environment for him to remain in, mainly due to the high volume of lorries and trucks entering and leaving the facility,” said Welfare manager Rachel Jenkinson. “As we are not allowed by law to take any animal without the owner’s consent we issued an Abandonment Notice, which meant the police were then able to grant us the authority to take the pony to Bransby Horses for the duration of the Notice in the hope an owner would come forward and claim him.”

In this case, the pony was not microchipped and his owner could not be traced. The two-year old was signed over to Bransby as they were able to provide him with the care and attention he needed.

Since being with the charity, the pony, who has been named Simmy after the company that found him, has received veterinary and farriery treatment and is enjoying life in their care.

Simmy stands around 12hh high, is dark grey and has a very friendly nature.It is hoped he may be rehomed through the charity’s Perfect Partner rehoming scheme once he is ready.

Bransby reminded horse owners to make sure your horse’s details are up-to-date with the Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) and the microchip is properly registered with them. This will help lost or stolen horses to be reunited with their owners.

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