A donkey called Benny is looking to be rehomed after struggling to find a suitable partner since he arrived at Bransby Horses more than a year ago.

Ideally he would benefit from a home with another donkey but, as Benny has spent “many years happily bonded with a pony who sadly passed away – leaving him distraught”, he could be partnered with a horse or pony.

His elderly owner reached out to Bransby Horses for help and the charity were able to take him in, however he is one of the only donkeys in their herd who has not managed to pair with another.

“Benny’s struggled to find a new partner because here at Bransby Horses most of our donkeys are already bonded and new additions have arrived in pairs,” said Bransby Horses spokesperson Maria Thompson.

“Benny’s perfect partner would be able to provide him with lots of fuss and attention regularly throughout the day”.

Benny has been placed on the charity’s rehoming scheme to broaden his chances of finding a new life partner.

He is searching for a quiet home where he can enjoy the company of another donkey or horse, with an owner who has donkey-owning experience.

If you think you may be able to offer Benny the perfect new home, visit the Bransby Horses website.

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