The British equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is offering free membership to Ukrainian equine vets. It hopes that this will enable the highly challenged vets to stay up-to-date with research and professional development, as well as have access to practical veterinary apps and peer support.

“Equine vets in Ukraine are continuing to work in horrific conditions,” said BEVA Council Member Alison Talbot who is assisting with the project.

“It takes grit, determination and bravery to continue to work to help horses in such a challenging environment. We hope that free membership will help provide some of the additional learning resources they may need, while our separate fundraising projects are helping to supply practical support.”

The free digital membership includes access to BEVA’s online learning platform which has hundreds of hours of resources, as well as the two journals: Equine Veterinary Education and the Equine Veterinary Journal.
BEVA’s four veterinary apps can be downloaded free of charge, including the BEVA Drugs app which helps to calculate doses quickly and efficiently. Ukrainian members will also be able to access the BEVA network via the BEVA Buddy app forum, where they will find peer support and advice.

Power to Ukraine

BEVA has also organised Power to Ukraine, a fundraising appeal which is part of British Equestrians for Ukraine. The aim is to supply the country with 10 generators to provide vital power to help care for displaced and injured horses, during enforced power cuts.

The BEVA Sportive is being held on 15 July to help raise additional funds for Power to Ukraine and also The BEVA Trust.

To receive their membership, Ukrainian equine vets should email with their full name, year of qualification, and confirmation that they are a vet based in Ukraine, and BEVA will then arrange free membership for them.

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