Evolution, innovation and adaptation will be the focus of the 2022 BEVA Congress, the 60th hosting of the event from 7-10th September at the ACC in Liverpool. More than 150 speakers, including famous veterinary names from around the world, will share their insight, together with clinical research presentations and workshops.

“With the theme of championing the diverse opportunities the profession offers as well as addressing some of the non-clinical challenges currently being faced, this year’s congress aims to enlighten, inform, educate and encourage, in a lively, fun and engaging environment,” said David Lloyd, BEVA Congress Scientific Committee Chair.

In the first of two plenary lectures Dr Pat McCue, Colorado State University professor and world-leading specialist in equine reproduction, will review events that have shaped current practice in breeding before looking at what the future holds.

In the second plenary lecture, the first Peter Rossdale Memorial lecture, Dr Celia Marr will explore one of Peter’s passions, ‘evidence in perinatology’, as well as taking delegates on a tour through key moments in the life of Dr Rossdale.

BEVA President Huw Griffiths said he and the BEVA Congress committee were excited about the content in this year’s programme:

“I am especially looking forward to hearing from Amy Grice, who is a world leader in the scientific evaluation of the recruitment and retention situation in equine veterinary practice,” he said . “She has based her work in the US on comparisons of the different generations of equine vets and the interactions between the generations and the failures and the opportunities that arise from this work.

“Of special interest to BEVA is her understanding of generation Z graduates who are the future of our profession. Everything she has to tell us will help ensure we maximise their satisfaction and longevity within our industry.”

For further details on the format of the event and speakers, as well as to book tickets, visit bevacongress.org

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