The April issue of Your Horse is on sale today! This month is packed full with all our usual expert advice, training exercises and horse care tips. To find out everything that’s included, read on…

Inside the Spring Products Guide…

Feed advice:

  • Keep your horse svelte this spring
  • Products to stabilise the ingestion of sugars
  • Feeds for stamina and conditioning
  • Food for seniors
  • Minimise the risk of laminitis
  • Slow-release feeds to fuel all horses, from happy hackers to top competition stars
  • Regimes for ulcer sufferers, plus the latest on feeding straw

Gear advice: 

  • Rugs your horse will love
  • Le Mieux’s new pastels range
  • Flattering new clothing for the spring season
  • Clothing for riders of all ages

Health advice: 

  • Tips to help your horse breathe more easily
  • Products to tackle pathogens and assist wound healing

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • We look at how much it actually costs to keep a horse competing
  • Ditch the fear of hacking in open spaces so you can enjoy hacking and add the miles to your #Hack1000Miles challenge
  • Why posting pictures online without permission can land you in hot water
  • Work/Horse Balance: Rug and artisan craft maker Beck Burton
  • Take Five with racing presenter Francesca Cumani

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Ros Canter helps a novice jockey regain the upper hand over her veteran
  • Fix it: Nail your dressage accuracy with Alice Oppenheimer
  • Ditch the spooks with our techniques to help your mount banish their demons
  • How hypnotherapy can assist with muting your unwanted nervous feelings
  • Three riders reveal how they have regained their mojo after hitting rock bottom
  • Showjumper Mia Palles-Clark explains how to channel your horse’s exuberance

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • How groundwork exercises might make your timid horse more of a daredevil
  • We delve into the upper respiratory tract problems
  • #FitNotFat: Look out for laminitis this spring
  • The Japanese art of Reiki and how it could make your horse more comfortable

In Ask The Experts…

  • Vet care with vet Dulcie Smith: Can horses see in the dark?; how to keep a reluctant drinker hydrated; tips to banish mud fever
  • Confidence with accredited confidence coach Julie Brown: How not to feel terrified of riding a different horse; examining Thought Field Therapy; how to be a confident hacking partner
  • Insurance with KBIS liability and equine policy administer Becky Grant: How best to ensure your veteran is covered; carriage driving rules; do I need cover for arena hire?
  • Equine biomechanics with biomechanics specialist Gillian Higgins: Effective warm ups; what is core stability?; ways to improve core strength

Your Horse’s Gear…

  • The latest equestrian goodies to hit the market
  • Big test: Breeches
  • Step out in comfort and style with the latest riding socks
  • Buyer’s Guide to calmers

Competitions to enter…

You could win goodies, including:

  • Tri-zone All Sports Boots from Equilibrium Products
  • Horslyx Mobility Balancer bundles
  • Absorbine pampering bundles with shampoo & conditioner, stain remover & whitener, hair polish & detangler, detangler brush and hoof conditioner
  • A £200 gift voucher to spend at Foxy Equestrian

Where to buy your copy…