Guidance has been offered to horse and dog owners after a beloved gelding suffered fatal injuries when a dog ran loose through his paddock.

Katie Smart lost her horse, Sir George, earlier this month, and has since been appealing for responsible handling of dogs, as well as advising riders on how best to handle such concerning events.

The British Horse Society (BHS) has been supporting Katie through the ordeal, and has urged riders and horse owners to ensure they report all dog-related incidents to the charity.

“We are always saddened to hear about incidents such as this one,”  Des Payne, Safety Team Leader at the BHS, told Your Horse. “Our deepest condolences go out to Katie and her family during this incredibly difficult time.

“Unfortunately, negative incidents involving horses and dogs are happening far too often, in paddocks or whilst out enjoying their exercise. At the BHS, we strongly advice that all dog owners/walkers keep their dog(s) under control when a horse is present and ideally on a lead. Even a dog that is used to being around horses could cause a horse to react, resulting in injury to both the horse and those that care for them.”

If your horse is involved in a dog related incident, the BHS wants to be informed so they can help stay up-to-date on the number of such happenings and continue their efforts to prevent further incidents.

“We always encourage all incidents to be reported via the police and through our Horse i app, as this helps to provide a greater understanding of the scale of the issue,” Des continued. “The data recorded with the BHS will help us to continue to work with key organisations. We’ve found that it’s these regular conversations with stakeholders that make a big difference. We can work collectively to raise awareness and educate dog owners on how dogs and horses can interact safely with one another.”

Lead image credit and copyright: British Horse Society

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