In the April issue of Your Horse we’re celebrating key workers and the heroic efforts of horse owners and riders in essential roles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also inside this issue we launch the very first Your Horse Key Worker Awards. Join us and say thank you by nominating a key worker.

The April issue is on sale Thursday 4 March. Find it on a newsstand near you or order online here.

What’s inside…

Hero key workers

Honest accounts from life on the frontline and how their horses have been pillars of strength:

  • The paramedic who was attacked at work and nearly strangled; how a horse helped him back to health
  • The customer service assistant whose home delivery service is a lifeline for many
  • The consultant radiologist who’s father was killed by Covid and who assesses Covid sufferers daily
  • The Network Rail signaller who’s had to deal with three suicides
  • The deputy sister carrying out heart-wrenching end-of-life care
  • The customs coordinator making sure ships carrying vital cargo make it into British ports
  • The postwoman whose job has changed and expanded ten-fold
  • The homicide detective who’s major murder enquiry was stopped in its tracks by Covid
  • The HGV driver who was made redundant and now runs her own critical business

PLUS Your Horse Key Worker Awards — nominate now!

In the rest of the issue…

  • How maps spread out on the kitchen floor turned into a challenging 380km ride with two horses over mountains, through glens and around locks from one side of Scotland to another
  • Five minutes with Countryfile presenter and popular Adam Henson

In Your Horse’s Training:

  • Discover how horse agility will help build a better partnership with your horse (and why it’s so much fun for both of you — you don’t even need to be in the saddle!)
  • Three creative flatwork exercises to improve engagement and self-carriage
  • Pole work patterns to spice up your schooling sessions
  • Five-star event rider Simon Grieve’s tips for maintaining a consistent rhythm over fences

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • Must-read advice for owners and riders of horses who are shy/nervous/explosive when ridden around other horses
  • The latest research that shows the time of day you feed and ride, and how long for, affects gastric ulcers
  • Vet notes: the lowdown on deadly peritonitis, which can look a lot like colic
  • Mane and tail SOS: makeover time for your horse’s locks after a long winter
  • The weight debate: equine obesity is on the rise, but is it recognised?
  • Tying-up: potential triggers and why is can affect any type of horse

In Ask The Experts:

  • Retraining racehorses: finding the brakes, correct feeding and how to let them down when they arrive fresh from the track
  • Breeding: making wise choices for older mares, how family trees work and what to expect at stud
  • Dentistry: how to age a horse by looking at his teeth, runny noses and tooth decay

In Your Horse’ Gear:

  • Tried and tested: girths
  • We showcase a selection of the latest body protectors
  • First Look: Miracle Mare from Nettex
  • Buyer’s guide to buying a new riding hat

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