Inside the September issue of Your Horse magazine

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  • The ultimate guide to paces

  • Get to grips with skinnies with Zara Tindall

  • Advice on coping with hard ground

  • Three exercises to spice up your schooling

September issue of Your Horse on sale now. 

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In this issue we have two of the very best  from the world of eventing – Zara Tindall shares with us how she teaches her horses to jump skinny fences with ease; while Ros Canter pushes you out of your comfort zone at home with seemingly straightforward exercises that will really challenge both you and your horse.

Hard ground can be a big issue at this time of year, with the summer heat baking the ground. Our veterinary advice will help you cope and keep your horse sound. Flies can also be a big problem, annoying your horse and generally being a nuisance. Our review of a selection of fly rugs will help you make the right choice for you and your horse.

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·       We talk to actress and TV presenter Eva LaRue about Animal Tales, riding memories and how she spends her days off.

·       In Your Horse challenges you this month, we check out endurance riding, and find out how it’s a sport for all.

·       We interview world silver medallist Padraig McCarthy about academics, family life and his whirlwind rise to the very top level of eventing.

In Your Horse’s Training 

·       Zara Tindall and Mark Phillips explain how to teach your horse to jump skinnies with confidence.

·       Ros Canter sets you and your horse a schooling challenge.

·       An introduction to riding side-saddle.

·       Ultimate guide to paces; from collected to extended, unveil your horse’s best dressage paces.

In Horse Care: 

·       What’s the difference between conformation and posture? And how do they affect performance?

·       Concussive forces caused by hard ground and how to prevent joint injuries.

·       Top groom Alan Davies helps you pinpoint the signs of lameness.

·       How your horse’s skin works and common ailments to watch out for.

In Gear:

·       What’s new on the market.

·       The big test – fly rugs.

·       On trend – technical tops for riders.

·       Buyers guide to breastplates.

·       The truth about what’s inside the supplement tub.


·       Getting the work/home/horses balance right – the consultant psychiatrist with a green horse who loves to jump.

·       Ask the experts – we get your questions on hot weather, TREC, road riding and confidence answered.

·       Meet the iconic working horses on the Isle of Man seafront.

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