• Exclusive interview with Pippa Funnell
  • Is your horse getting enough sleep?
  • Bitting workshop – choosing the right bit for your horse
  • What your horse’s expressions tell you

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It’s not just grassroots riders that get nervous – in this issue one of the most popular winners of the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials of recent times, Pippa Funnell, explains the struggle, pain and self-doubt behind her extraordinary victory in 2019.

Having the right mindset is crucial for success and by using some simple techniques you’ll be able to really give your riding the attention it needs. We share the strategy to help you train your brain.

Also in this month’s issue, our new polework series will inspire you to push your boundaries and feel a real difference in your equine partner. We also tackle bits – a key line of communication between the horse and the rider. We discuss fitting the best one for you and your four-legged friend with the aim to have a horse who is happy, comfortable and willing when being ridden.

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· We interview Pippa Funnell on the highs and lows of eventing.

· We talk to Lara Prior-Palmer, the first woman to win the Mongol Derby.

· In Your Horse challenges you this month, Annie Rose of Cumbrian Heavy Horses tells us why riding these gentle giants is great for our riding.

In Your Horse’s Training:

· Expert advice to find and fit the right bit for your horse.

· Fred Bergendorff’s training advice for safe, secure and effective flatwork and jumping.

· Improve your horse’s rhythm and straightness with polework patterns.

· How Franklin Method Equestrian will transform your riding and perfect your position.

· How lateral work can improve your horse’s jump.

In Horse Care:

· What your horse’s facial expressions mean.

· Vet advice to help a horse overcome a fear of needles.

· A step-by-step guide to emergency shoe removal.

· Why sleep is vital for your horse’s health.

· Gastric ulcers explained.

In Gear:

· What’s new on the market.

· The big test – winter gloves and cosy hats.

· On trend – stable toys.

· Buyers guide to riding hats.

· Social media – how to use it effectively and raise your profile.


· Getting the work/home/horses balance right – an author and publisher with a self-confessed habit of collecting horses with big ambitions.

· Ask the experts – we get your questions on arthritis, jumping, farriery and polo answered.

· Improve your riding using the power of your mind.

· Charity focus – give a horse a home

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