• Beach riding and why you need to give it a go
  • Understand your horse’s temperament to nail your training regime
  • Bullying and why it has no place in the horse world
  • Pippa Funnel’s tips to a fitter horse

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Do you sometimes feel as if your training is going round in circles (no pun intended) and not progressing as you would like? We’ve all been there, so our training section this month has pages and pages of inspiration to transform your schooling. There are some great tips on improving your contact and your horse’s way of going. And if he’s lacking oomph there’ll be no excuses not to have the desired impulsion

When you stop and think about it, nailing steel shoes to our horse’s hooves is a bit of an odd thing to do. I know they have their place, but are they restricting our horses in some way? Farrier Mark Johnson believes they may be, and debates this subject.

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We talk to businesswoman Hayley Pour.

Tackling the issue of bullying in the equine world and what we all need to do to stop it.

Read the inspiring interview with racing groom Abdul Musa Adam.

In Your Horse’s Training:

Andrew Hoy helps your improve your jumping technique.

Work with your horse’s temperament to enhance your training.

Pippa Funnell gives her advice on achieving peak fitness.

Discover what impulsion is and how to achieve it.

In Horse Care:

What are the alternatives to metal shoes for your horse?

Essential information on keeping your horse hydrated

Vet notes – the symptoms and treating keratomas.

Recognising common lumps and bumps on the legs.

In Gear:

What’s new on the market.

The big test – detanglers.

On trend – riding socks.

Buyers guide to buying the best girth to suit your needs.


Ask the experts – we get your questions on showjumping, having a horse vetted, flatwork and feet issues answered.

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