• It’s the hack relaunch issue!
  • Is your horse spooky? – find out why.
  • Cross country special – conquer banks, ditches and water

May issue of Your Horse on sale now. Don’t miss it!

It’s the long-awaited relaunch of our #Hack1000Miles challenge, and we know a lot of you have been looking forward to it. With seven pages of hacking goodness it’s sure to get your fired up to start clocking your miles, or, for those of you who have already finished, start up all over again.

We also have a cross-country special with Mary King, Lucinda Green and Christopher Bartle dishing the dirt on the secrets of cracking cross-country. Learn about the ‘What if?’ position, the three canter gears, and the three fundamentals of cross-country.

As usual this issue is jam-packed with everything you and your horse could ask for – expert instruction, must-have advice, inspiration, new gear and readers like you to find out about.

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We talk to TV presenter and journalist Lee McKenzie about Olympia and riding with Michael Schumacher in Switzerland.

In Your Horse challenges you this month, we take a look at jousting – an impressive skill that can improve your seat.

We interview event rider Neil Fox, who competed at top level until suffering with depression, but is now reigniting his passion.

In Your Horse’s Training – including a cross-country special:

Conquer the three fundamentals of cross-country– water, banks and ditches – with advice from eventing legend Lucinda Green.

Be confident in your seat with excellent tips from British Eventing coach Christopher Bartle.

Fine-tune your three canter gears with Mary and Emily King.

Seven grids to slow down a speedy jumper.

Straighten up – 30 minute workout with international event rider Caroline Harris.

Part two of Charlie Hutton’s focus on getting your horse reactive to your aids.

In Horse Care:

Spooking on the brain – find out all about the limbic system, the little part of your horse’s brain that sparks the fight or flight response.

Supergroom Alan Davies shows you how to apply the perfect bandage.

The dangers of penetration injuries

The skeletal system– how to prevent injury to your horse’s leg bones.

In Gear:

What’s new on the market.

The big test – lightweight turnout rugs.

On trend – six sports bras to support you in the right places.

Buyers guide to matchy matchy gear.

How the lungi bungi can improve your horse’s topline.


Getting the work/home/horses balance right – the emergency medical technician with a rescue cob.

#hack1000miles relaunch – why you should start clocking your miles.

Ask the experts – we get your questions on flatwork schooling, spring nutrition, boots and bandages and sheath cleaning answered.

Ever dreamed of a job with horses? We find out all about it straight from the groom’s mouth.

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