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What’s inside…

  • Essential rider first aid: Dr James Garwood explains what to do if you or your friend falls off and how to recognise if it’s an emergency. It could save a life!
  • Take five: X Factor winner Leona Lewis on teaching pigs sign language and how buying her first horse was a dream come true
  • Meet the heroic winners of the Your Horse Key Worker Awards and hear about the incredible things they’ve done during the pandemic
  • #Hack1000Miles diary from Natalie Clark: wise words in a dressage lesson pays dividends the next time Apache spooks out hacking
  • Top tips to help you stay on track to hit your #Hack1000Miles target — however big or small it is
  • #Hack1000Miles diary from Athene Turner: Thor, who has been known to turn around and hotfoot it home, makes great progress with his hacking confidence

In Your Horse’s Training:

  • How to overcome mental barriers to achieve your riding goals and set yourself up for a summer of success with your horse
  • Olympian Richard Davison takes a holistic approach to riding your horse on the bit by discussing the biomechanics of a correct outline
  • Learn how to give your horse a full body workout by riding shoulder-in and travers correctly
  • Eventer Andrew Hoy shows how you can stay safe and in control if your horse is spooking

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • Follow Appaloosa mare Matilda’s journey as she recovers from muscle atrophy and sacroiliac pain
  • Laminitis: read how this dangerous disease attacked a horse with none of the risk factors
  • Fit not fat: the challenges faced by horse owners when trying to manage their horse’s weight
  • Vet Notes: common causes of lethargy and how to treat it

In Your Horse’s Gear:

  • The vital role a qualified saddle fitter plays in keeping you and your horse comfortable
  • Big Test: we review and rate eight different fly repellents for ease of use, effectiveness and value
  • On Trend: six different fly masks in a variety of styles to protect over the summer months
  • Buyer’s Guide: advise on purchasing the best fly rug for your horse
  • A selection of great new products available now

In Ask The Experts:

  • Flatwork: improve your dressage scores with accurate centre lines; exercises that will build strength behind; how your hand position should change through the dressage levels
  • Studs: what to look for in a stud kit; using studs to support your horse’s balance and confidence; how to decide what studs to use depending on the ground and level of competition
  • Headshaking: how to identify headshaking; determining the cause of itchiness in your horse; using PENS to treat headshaking
  • Caring for veterans: the importance of dental checks for optimising nutrition; the signs for when your older horse is ready to ease back his exercise; management strategies to help your veteran stay comfortable; assessing whether your older mare should breed
  • Advice from Spillers: finding a feed that contains a full range of vitamins and minerals with the added benefit of hoof support

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