• 12 ways to keep your mind positive
  • Stop your horse giving you the runaround with our top catching tips
  • Revamp your rhythm with Ian Woodhead
  • Strengthen his body and build your bond with in-hand exercises

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The Your Horse team was amazed at the response to our recent ‘Search for a cover star’ competition on our website. We were a little overwhelmed by the number of entries we received and the great photography skills you have! The winner of the ‘readers’ vote’ is on the cover of this issue, and the standard was so high that we’ll be using another one next month too.

Whether you’re riding at the moment or not, we’ve put together a few features to inspire you to do some in-hand work with your horse. It’s amazing what you can achieve by working your horse from the ground, and you’ll find that it has a positive impact on your ridden work too — see pages 34 and 49.

With plenty of lush grass around and a bit of sun on their backs, some horses can become a little tricky to catch at this time of year. It’s such a frustrating habit, but help is at hand. Our step-by-step guide on page 66 shows how, with some clever clicker training, your horse will come to you to be caught!

We understand with the current lockdown in place it may be more difficult to get hold of Your Horse magazine, that’s why every issue of Your Horse is available to buy online, either as a single issue or subscription, to get delivered to your door. We’re also still available on digital platforms.

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· Stay upbeat in these uncertain times thanks to positive mental health tips from Charlie Unwin.

· The true story of a horse and rider who battled injury together and came out the other side.

In Your Horse’s Training:

· Four groundwork exercises to transform your horse.

· A polework grid to lengthen and shorten his paces.

· Rider exercises to aid relaxation and posture.

· In-hand polework to develop your horse’s suppleness and coordination.

· Improve your horse’s rhythm with Ian and Heidi Woodhead.

In Horse Care:

· How clicker training can make your horse easier to catch.

· The importance of dental care for your golden oldie.

· The key to a slimmer, fitter horse.

· Vet advice on the causes and treatments of diarrhoea.

· Telemedicine – veterinary consultations 2020-style.

In Gear:

· What’s new on the market.

· The big test – fly repellents. Find out which ones actually work.

· On trend – competition jackets.

· Safety tech – all about MIPS, groundbreaking riding hat technology.


· Getting the work/home/horses balance right – the junior doctor with two horses, juggling a dentistry degree.

· Ask the experts – we get your questions on behaviour, vet care, alternative health and schooling answered.

· We talk to classical musician Jessica Victoria about how horses inspire her work.

· WIN an amazing prize bundle from Zebra Products and Equipe.