• Discover the secret to a happy horse.
  • Why hacking in the autumn is so magical.
  • Discover how working your horse in walk will improve his way of going.

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We all want the best for our horses, but sometimes modern-day horse care can impact on their health. Movement is so important to them for many reasons and this topic and more is explored in detail so you can make changes to keep him healthy and happy.

In training:

  • Eventer Richard Jones helps you to be competition ready.
  • Reveal your horse’s true paces with Louise Bell’s go to exercises.
  • Teach your horse collection in the final part of our Scales of Training series.
  • Train your horse to be smarter using gridwork.

In horse care:

  • The power of movement and why it’s so important for your horse’s health.
  • Essential steps to keep all your kit and your horse safe and secure.
  • Veterinary advice on coughs and why they need prompt treatment.
  • All you need to know about recognising and treating thrush.

Winter rug guide:

  • 20 pages of the latest stable, turnout and cooler rugs.
  • Plus hoods, shoulder savers, rug storage ideas and driers.

Ask the Experts:

  • Your questions answered on affiliated showjumping, improving your horse’s trot, transport for your horse and lungeing.

And you could win:

  • Clothing for you and your horse from Covalliero.
  • Plus on our giveaway page there’s Bales of Timothy HorseHage, Tumeritch supplement, Horsylx Respiratory and Mountain Horse clothing up for grabs.