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What’s inside…

  • How in-hand hacking could benefit you and your horse: build your bond, improve your confidence, get fit and more
  • Award-winning black businesswoman Sandra Murphy on her battles with cancer and Covid, and her struggle to be accepted in the equine industry
  • Hack diary: Find out how Australia’s Michelle Gorham added 120km on a three-day ride for her #Hack1000Miles journey
  • Work/Horse Balance: meet the horse-owning building services consultant who juggles site visits, three kids and two horses
  • Take Five: with McTimoney Animal Chiropractor Sam Smith who treats animals both on and off screen

In Your Horse’s Training:

  • Teach your horse that if he listens to you, he’ll be safe, with Vanessa Bee’s groundwork exercises
  • Olympian Andrew Hoy shows you four exercises that can improve a horse’s way of going without getting on board
  • Find out how and why to ride two advanced lateral movements: half-pass and renvers
  • Want to improve your course riding? Read how just three jumps can improve your approach and adjustability
  • Richard Davison shares the three core outlines he uses when training his horses, from the start of a session to cooling off at the end

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • How green is your yard? Simple changes to make your yard more eco-friendly, from transport to bedding
  • Vet Notes: one horse’s remarkable story of surgery and recovery from colic
  • Back pain: possible causes, clinical signs, and exercises you can do to strengthen his back
  • Banish the bugs: how to control flies this summer
  • How to give your horse the choice to self-medicate and why you should

In Your Horse’s Gear:

  • Big Test: we review and rate seven breeches, all under £90
  • On Trend: six different breastplates for additionally security in the saddle
  • Buyer’s Guide: eco-friendly gear — grooming products, feeds, rugs and rider clothing
  • A selection of great new products available now

In Ask The Experts:

  • Travelwear: the purpose of tailguards; when to use therapy boots; what rug to travel in
  • Geldings and rigs: defining a rig; how to prepare and care for a castration; why geldings mount other horses
  • Feeding youngsters: feeding after weaning; reviewing a young horse’s diet as workload increases
  • Kicking and biting: what to do when he bites; understanding why horses kick in the field; why his behaviour changes so quickly in the stable
  • Advice from Spillers: control your horse’s calorie intake with Lite + Lean Balancer

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