• You review and rate your favourite fly rugs
  • 9 ways to a fitter, leaner horse
  • Clicker training – your secret weapon to a better bond

August issue of Your Horse on sale now.

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Now that some lockdown restrictions have been eased, and riding and having lessons are being encouraged again, we love seeing so many of you embark on our #Hack1000Miles challenge. You really are an inspirational bunch!

In this issue we’ve got lots to get you going again, whether you’re building up your horse’s fitness, enjoying expanding your boundaries once more, or preparing for competition. From long-reining to clicker training, to an Indian safari adventure, it’s got it all.

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· Safely introduce your horse to a new herd.

· Passage around India – take a breathtaking tour on horseback.

In Your Horse’s Training:

· Fat-busting workouts for a fitter, leaner horse.

· The key to a better way of going – suppleness.

· A polework grid for all-round improvement.

· Dismounted exercises to work on your abs and core strength.

· Start to improve your horse’s strength and stability in just 30 minutes

· Discover how clicker training can transform your horse — and your bond.

· Learn the art of long-reining and all the benefits it brings.

In Horse Care:

· Discover more about Myofascial release and how it could help your horse.

· Expert advice to keep your OAP in tip-top condition

· Summer worming – All you need to know about keeping worm burdens in check.

· What causes Slobbers and how it can be treated.

In Gear:

· What’s new on the market.

· The big test – readers’ favourite fly rugs.

· On trend – anatomical bridles.

· Buyers guide – top towing vehicles.


· Getting the work/home/horses balance right – the paramedic with an ex-eventer who keeps her sane.

· Ask the experts – we get your questions on summer feeding, bitting, contagious diseases and riding position answered.

· We talk to speed skier turned endurance rider Iona Rossely.

Not forgetting our fabulous competitions:

WIN A Horslyx garlic bundle.

WIN A Mountain Horse outfit.

WIN A Dengie Healthy Tummy feed bale duo.