Ride this multi-purpose grid from veterinary physiotherapist Sammy Finnemore to see a total transformation in your horse.

In this, the final part of our polework series, Sammy has designed a grid which brings together everything you’ve done so far.

Something that develops regularity of rhythm, lateral bend, chest and shoulder lift, extensions and collected strides without you having to change the grid.

It’s a multi-purpose schooling session that’s ideal if you’re short on time.

Because of the level of variation, it’s fun for your horse, too, and you may find that he’s more forward going and switched on than usual.

Don’t underestimate how much work it involves, though, and take it steady; give your horse regular walk breaks and don’t be tempted to go on for too long.

When your horse is coping well with the grid, you can start to up the difficulty. As you progress through the various routes, remember that your horse will look to you for direction, so be clear. Use your legs and upper body to turn him, always allowing him to look down and out.