You’re not really a rider unless you’ve fallen off seven times — or so they say! Our #hack1000miles challengers have taken a tumble or two, as the following seven riders reveal…

1 A feisty pheasant

Julia Molloy and her horse were confronted by a pheasant while riding out recently.

“I went right and my horse went left,” she says.

2 Competition deck

Our #hack1000miles ambassador Joanna Holland took an unexpected tumble in the woods recently when her mare spooked mid-canter, possibly at a horseshoe! To see the video Joanna uploaded, head over to our Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group.

3 Run, Forest, Run!

Kelly Hudson recalls going for an unexpected jog when her horse napped and left her a mile from home.

“I felt like Forest Gump running after him,” she laughs.

4 ‘Life is like a box of chocolates…’

And Kelly’s not the only one! Sarah Beanland chased her horse for nearly five miles after parting company nine miles into her ride.

“If you fall off mid hack, then chase your horse for an hour around the countryside, do you include the mileage on foot?” she asks.

Our verdict – yes, you deserve it!

5 An extra sting

As if falling off from her mare Luna wasn’t enough for Laura Shannon, her friend Leonie Chester-Lee’s horse Leo disturbed a wasp’s nest as she tried to re-mount!

6 Going for a swim

Not only did she fall off, Danielle Rowles’ mare kicked out and broke her thumb after a lovely ride at the beach. She says an unexpected swim didn’t dash her spirits:

“Gotta laugh at life, even when you’re on the floor in a heap,” she smiles.

7 Sometimes, hopping off is safest!

Sometimes it is necessary and safer to tackle some hazards on foot. Jackie Williams chose to dismount to pass a cement mixer when riding out solo for the first time in a while. But then she got back on to tackle tricky road junctions and crossing a stream without a care!