Being able to recognise riding position problems is key if you’re going to correct them. Here, Russell Guire flags up a few common problems and explains how to correct them.

1. Problem: Dropping your shoulder

Dropping your shoulder to the inside of your body and pushing your hips to the outside.

Solution: Ride with your inside arm straight up above your head or rotate it backwards to help lift and correct your inside shoulder position.

2. Problem: Pushing your inside shoulder forwards

Pushing your inside shoulder forwards causing you to collapse through your hips to the inside.

Solution: Ride with your inside arm behind your back to encourage your inside shoulder to come back into the correct place.

3. Problem: Collapsing your chest forwards

Solution: Imagine there’s a wire from the top of your riding hat gently pulling you upwards. Also, lift your chin up and keep it in line with your horse’s mane.

4. Problem: Gripping with your knees

Gripping with your knees causes your lower leg to become insecure. You’ll tend to ride with your heels up and your lower leg will slip back.

Solution: As you ride round in trot and canter, spend some time standing in your stirrups. Feel your lower leg stretching down to your heels.

This is also a great exercise to improve your balance. Check you’re not using the reins to keep your balance – you can test yourself by pushing your reins forward and see what happens to your position.