Rub marks where your horse’s girth are could be a cause for concern. Here to explain is SMS qualified saddle fitter, Di Fisher.

Q: My horse has rub marks between the back of his elbow and where his girth is. Why might this be?

There are a few reasons why this might have happened.

First, you may need to have your saddle checked to see if it’s the correct width for your horse.

If the width of the saddle is incorrect it may be moving forwards, pulling the girth tight behind his elbows.

The conformation of your horse may be making the saddle move forwards. If this is the case you may need to use a point strap, which will help to stop the saddle from moving forwards.

It could also be that your horse has a forward girth groove. In this case an anatomically shaped girth may help, as it will be cut away behind the elbow.

Ask your saddle fitter for further advice on whether this would help.