Friesians, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Shires — The Insurance Emporium covers them all.*

That’s not the only thing they provide cover for either. If your horse is a veteran (over 20 years old), they have specialised insurance which ensures your senior horse is protected. Hiring a horse trailer or need cover for your own? Yes, that’s right, they cover those too! They even have insurance policies specifically for riders.

The Insurance Emporium aims to make insurance a natural part of ownership. It’s not a burden — it’s a bonus that provides peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

They always work hard to understand their customers and what’s important to them, which is why some of their products are rated 5 stars on Defaqto.

Optional Benefits

With a range of Optional Benefits available to pick and choose from, polices from The Insurance Emporium provide an array of different cover to suit you and your horse.

As horse lovers themselves, The Insurance Emporium understand that owning, riding and even transporting horses can be a huge commitment. That’s why providing protection for the unexpected is their passion.

They also offer useful advice, tips, and facts. If you need to know how to exercise your horse in winter or need tips for managing your horse’s weight, trot on over to their blog and take a look here.

Multi-horse Discount

Own more than one horse? Don’t forget about The Insurance Emporium offers multi-horse discount!

With prices starting at £2.12 for Horse Insurance, £3.20 for Horse Rider Insurance, and £3.15 for Horse Trailer Insurance per Lunar Month,**The Insurance Emporium is asking — why would you go without?

Take the reins and gallop over to the The Insurance Emporium to get a free quote now.

Fancy a discount? They offer up to 30% off*** when you take out a policy with them.

*Maximum horse value of £15,000. Please read Important Product Information Document and Policy Wording for more information. **Premiums based on minimum insurable value including introductory discount. ***Discount only available on Horse, Veteran Horse, Horse Rider and Horse Trailer insurance. The 30% discount is made up of a range of discounts available from their website.