Hosing down your horse is a simple way to keep your horse cool in warm weather.

For advice on how to keep your horse calm while being hosed, we’ve teamed up with horse trainer, Jason Webb.

Whether you’re washing your horse off after exercise or cold-hosing a swollen leg, being able to calmly hose him down is important.

If, like many, your horse runs rings around you every time a splash of water hits his skin, an easy job can quickly become difficult and dangerous.

To take the drama out of this task, Jason Webb is here to help.

“Regardless of whether your horse is young, old, experienced or not, my three-step method is easy to do and quick to work,” he says. “Give it a go and your horse will soon learn to stand still for the hose.”

Step 1

With your horse wearing a halter and long lead rope, stand at a safe distance facing his shoulder.

Step 2

Apply the hose to his shoulder – a bit of spray, not a direct stream.

Step 3

Once your horse calmly stands still, take the hose off him and then repeat.

What if your horse keeps moving?

“The first time you apply the hose you may find your horse fidgets and moves around,” says Jason. “It’s important he can move about, but it must be around you, not into you.

“Don’t let him invade your personal space. Choose and area where he’ll safely have room to move, and simply follow him calmly as he does so.

“Once he stands, take the hose off him, then repeat the exercise.”