As your horse gets older, he may need a little extra help to maintain his condition and topline. It can be tricky getting his feed balance just right. It’s important to feed a diet that’s high in fibre and low in starch. The Pure Feed Company has launched its own dedicated range of feeds specifically for Veterans .

It’s available in a mix or pellet and combines a high specification balancer with easily digestible fibre and quality oils to provide slow release energy. There’s no added sugar, molasses or wholegrain cereals so you know that your older horse is receiving all the nutritional support he needs, without the fizz.

The feeds also contain essential amino acids to provide the necessary building blocks for developing and retaining topline and muscle. Also, high spec pre and probiotics are included to help keep the hind gut functioning just as nature intended.

The Pure Veteran Mix provides a super quick and easy feeding solution for veterans, simply dampen with water before feeding.

Pure Veteran Pellets have been developed if your horse has poor teeth. The pellets can be soaked in hot or cold water to create a soft and palatable mash.

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