The winter months bring challenges to the older horse. Colder temperatures and inclement weather mean poorer pasture quality and less nutrients in grass. Older horses may find it difficult to digest their feed effectively and this can result in them struggling to maintain condition. Feeding a supplement, such as Coopers Gut Support, that helps to support the healthy bacteria in the hindgut can improve digestion and help maintain body condition.

Coopers Gut is a range of feed supplements containing a blend of prebiotics and postbiotics. They are designed to help maintain a healthy gut flora, which are responsible for the digestion of feed and hindgut function, keeping your horse healthy from the inside out. There are three products in the range, Coopers Gut Support, Coopers Gut Equalise and Coopers Gut Assist. Each product contains both prebiotics and postbiotics, by using prebiotics and postbiotics to support the healthy gut flora there is no need to supplement with a probiotic (live bacteria).

Case Study

  • 23 year old gelding (pictured above)
  • Always had trouble maintaining body condition along with periods of digestive disturbance
  • No abnormalities with teeth or worming management
  • Coopers Gut Equalise was given for 5 days followed by Coopers Gut Support with no other change in diet or management

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that act as a food source for the healthy bacteria within the horses’ gut. They selectively stimulate the growth and/or activity of the beneficial bacteria helping to support hindgut function. Prebiotics include gluco-oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides and fructo-oligosaccharides.

What are Postbiotics?

Postbiotics are beneficial components produced by bacteria during a fermentation process, which have a positive effect on the healthy bacteria within the horses gut.

Postbiotics may help in the following ways:

  • Supporting healthy gut bacteria by contributing to the structure of the cell wall
  • Protecting the healthy gut bacteria against pathogenic bacteria
  • Supporting the gut wall barrier
  • Supporting the gut’s natural immune system

Coopers Gut Support

Coopers Gut Support is a prebiotic and postbiotic pellet to be mixed with feed or fed alone. It is also naturally rich in free amino acids and amino acid derivatives which help maintain optimum body condition.

Coopers Gut Equalise

Coopers Gut Equalise is a prebiotic and postbiotic oral paste, which is administrated directly into your horse’s mouth via a syringe. Coopers Gut Equalise can help to maintain normal digestive function in foals and adult horses during times of stress or digestive imbalance

Coopers Gut Assist

Coopers Gut Assist is a prebiotic and postbiotic oral powder for horses, enriched with smectite for use during periods of digestive disturbance.
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