Blue Chip Original is perfect for maintaining top line, condition and a healthy coat in all horses and ponies and here’s why…

Blue Chip Original provides optimum, balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals to meet daily requirements in a 100% natural, whole cereal and molasses free formula. Soya and linseed oils, which are natural sources of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which when formulated with zinc ensure scurf free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat.

Blue Chip Original contains SoundHoofTM, a comprehensive zinc, methionine and biotin based hoof supplement which encourages strong, pliable horn growth, as well as PrimoVentoTM, a respiratory aid containing eucalyptus and menthol to maintain lung integrity and promote wellbeing both inside and out.

As with all the balancers in the Blue Chip range, Blue Chip Original includes a high quality probiotic to help create a healthy gut environment to increase efficiency of nutrient absorption, and is the only feed to utilise the power of Nucleotides; the building blocks of DNA and RNA acts as part of a double action digestive supplement which can increase fibre digestibility by up to 100%, helping your horse or pony gain the maximum nutrition from their feed and stay happy and healthy.

Blue Chip Original has been changing the lives of horses and ponies for the better for over 20 years and Terri Bedingham is one of the many owners to have seen its effects after feeding it to her rescue pony Treasure, who was found in a poor state of health by the RSPCA in 2015. She says, ‘I rescued Treasure as a two year old after she had been left abandoned in a field. She had never been introduced to hard feed until I started to give her Blue Chip Original, and one year on, she is coming on brilliantly! Her coat looks fantastic and she is in amazing condition – I would recommend it to everyone”

To see the effects for yourself and find out more information on Blue Chip Original, visit or call 0114 266 6200 for nutritional advice.