For many people it’s getting weight off a horse that’s usually the problem but this isn’t always the case as some horses simply don’t maintain their body weight that easily. Here the experts at Dengie offer some simple tips to help you tackle the problem.

If you own a horse that doesn’t maintain weight easily, it can prove to be a real challenge. Ideally, your horse’s ribs shouldn’t be visible, but they should be easily felt if you run your hand along their side.

We also want our horses to have good topline but a common complaint from horse owners is that their horse hasn’t got enough. Building topline is achieved through the horse being worked correctly and his diet supplying the quality protein he needs to build muscle.

One solution can be to feed Alfalfa. Alfalfa provides the quality protein essential for improving topline, muscle condition and repair. Naturally low in sugar and starch, independent research has also shown that alfalfa is a natural buffer to acidity in the digestive tract.


  • Feed your horse little and often (choose high-fibre, non-heating feeds)
  • Ensure hay or haylage is of good quality, sweet-smelling, free from dust and mould spores
  • Try to allow your horse ad-lib access to a forage source such as hay or haylage, especially when stabled
  • Feed your horse a yeast culture to encourage efficient fibre digestion in the hind gut
  • Make sure vitamin and mineral requirements are being met. If necessary, top up with a broad-spectrum supplement such as Dengie Performance Vits & Mins or a balancer such as Dengie Alfa-A Balancer
  • If you’re looking for a conditioning fibre feed that doesn’t contain alfalfa then take a look at Dengie Meadow Grass range. Made from Lincolnshire’s finest meadow grasses and oil grown by UK farmers

For advice from the Dengie nutrition team or to review your horse or pony’s diet, call the Dengie Feedline on 0845 345 5115 (call charges may apply).

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