Want to compete but unsure how without a horse? Here, dressage rider Sara Gallop offers her advice.

Q: I really want to start competing in show jumping and eventing, but I don’t have my own horse. How can I get rides?

Sara says: Some riding centres can loan their own horses out for you to ride and compete. At our yard (Summerhouse Equestrian Centre in Gloucestershire), we loan our horses to regular clients and provide a complete package by tailoring their lessons around upcoming competitions to help them prepare.

I’ve even groomed and taken extra horses on my lorry for pupils who want to compete in inter-school competitions but don’t have access to their own horse.

Another way to find a horse to compete on is to take on a share horse. Many owners would love to find someone they can rely on to help look after their horse when they’re away, so it’s a great solution for both parties.