Do you need planning permission to put up a stable? Solicitor, Rebecca Stojak, of Shakespeare Matrineau answers:

Whether you will need planning permission will depend on a number of factors. Planning permission is there to ensure that buildings are safe and aren’t a burden to the surrounding area. It will also take into consideration the appearance of the stables to ensure they’re in keeping with the local area and will assess what impact the stables will have on your local facilities e.g. roads. You will also need to consider if there are any restrictions on what you can and cannot keep on your land in the deeds of your house. For example, there may be a covenant that confirms that you cannot keep ‘hooved’ animals in your garden.

If the stables are built outside the ‘curtilage’ of the garden (the land immediately surrounding it), need footings (foundations or a concrete slab), drainage or are permanent buildings that cannot be moved, it is likely that planning permission would be required. Whether or not planning permission is necessary will depend on whether the stables fit within the permitted development criteria of your local area.