A mother has said her daughter to was lucky to walk away from a serious road incident in West Sussex.

Gaynor McKinnon’s daughter Amy (not pictured) was approaching a crossing when a motorbike passed without slowing down.

Her horse, Rambo, was spooked by the noise and leapt forward into the path of an oncoming car.

“Fortunately, the car was going slower than the 60mph speed limit, enabling the driver to brake and swerve so the impact was not head on,” said Gaynor.

“My daughter was thrown onto the road, landing on her back when her horse was hit; she is so lucky her head didn’t hit the ground.

“She was incredibly lucky to get up and walk away from this with only deep muscle trauma”

Eventer Rambo now faces an uncertain future as the accident left him badly injured.

“His body ricocheted off the car,” said Gaynor. “He sustained deep glass cuts to his neck, one just missing his jugular vein, and severe lacerations to his chest. ”

“These are healing, but we don’t yet know to what extent the impact injuries will have on him in terms of being fit to ride or event, or what the long term phycological effect will be on both of them.

“He spent nearly four weeks in an equine hospital and still has an open wound. “

“To get to bridleways, roads have to be crossed and at this stage we just don’t know if either of them will have the confidence to go out hacking again.”

Gaynor is calling for drivers to pay more attention to road signs that warn them about horses in the area.

“I’m fortunate not to be a grieving mum, but I am an angry mum,” she said. “I want drivers and motorbike riders to remember they are not the only road users.

“When you see the sign, it means there are frequently horses on or crossing the road.

“Horses can spook at an acorn falling or a plastic bag in the trees. A motorbike going past can be enough to really frighten them.

“You are sharing the road with someone more vulnerable than you; whatever the speed limit may be, pay attention to the signs and even if you can’t see a horse, please slow down.

“The power to stop accidents like this is in your hands.”

Gaynor reported the accident to the British Horse Society, who last year reported that four horses are killed or injured on the UK’s roads every week.

Riders are encouraged to report their road incidents at horse incidents.org.uk