Riders Minds is challenging riders to complete 100 miles in May to help promote mental health awareness.

The distance can be done on a horse, on foot or on a bike — and every mile you ride also counts towards your #Hack1000Miles tally.

If 100 miles feels too ambitious, you can set your own lower target — or you can push yourself by setting a higher goal.

It is a virtual challenge that should be mapped on an app so that you can keep track of how far you’ve ridden and how far you have left to go.

The important part is asking family and friends to sponsor you via a fundraising account such as Just Giving or Virgin, with all funds going to Riders Minds.

About Riders Minds

Riders Minds is an online bespoke resource dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of all horse riders. It was formed in 2019 by the late event rider Matthew Wright, who was always open and honest about his own battle with mental health.

May is the first anniversary of Riders Minds. By joining the challenge, riders will be helping to stop the stigma surrounding mental health and raise money to help support everyone in the equestrian industry.

According to the Riders Minds website, there are 19 million riders in the UK. Statistics show that one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life, meaning a large proportion of riders will be affected, either directly or indirectly.

The objective of Riders Minds is to remove the stigma of speaking out by raising mental health awareness, understanding and confidence amongst all riders. It also aims to  provide guidance, support and help via its extensive, user-friendly, online mental health and well-being resource and host a helpline that is confidential and accessible to all riders 24 hours a day.

Find out more about the challenge on the Riders Minds Facebook page.

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