Here, solicitor Rebecca Stojak advises on what you need to consider when riding on a farmer’s land.

The farmer’s main concern is likely to be being personally responsible if someone is hurt, either you, your horses or someone else. As the owner of a horse that escapes and causes damage to land, buildings or people you would be potentially responsible for any damage that is caused.

The farmer will also need to make sure that their land is safe for you to use, i.e. that there are no dangers on the land that you will be using that he is aware of and could do something about. For example, open manholes should be covered.

The farmer and you may want to have a simple licence drafted by a solicitor to cover the use of the land. This would cover things such as where you can and cannot ride. You will also want to think about other potential issues, for example, what if you fall out with the farmer?

He may want to have the right to revoke the licence without any notice. You may also want to consider the hours when you’ll be allowed access and who would be able to use the land e.g. you may not be able to use the land to give riding lessons to other people.

You and your horse should also be insured so that the farmer knows that he is protected (‘indemnified’) against any potential claims.

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