In this modern world we live in there’s an app for everything and that includes hacking! Below, check four awesome bits of tech wizardry, all designed to help you enjoy more worry-free hacking.

1. Alert5

Alert5 is an App available for both Android and Apple phones. It enables you to send your exact location to up to five of your friends, family or work colleagues, chosen from your contacts list (these may be re-selected at any time). The alert can be raised when your phone is locked by adding the widget on the swipe down front page, so no need to login. Total cost of the App is £4.99 per year. Ideal for when you are riding in the country, out late at night or for your parents!

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2. Horse Rider SOS

Invented by Michael Peace with horse riders in mind, this app goes one step further not only tracking your route, but also detecting if you slip out of the saddle. This means if you fall unconscious or are unable to move, it will send your location to your requested guardian, so they can send for help.

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3. Saferider

Never get lost again with the help of this handy app. It remembers your starting point and shows your current position as you ride.

It also has a clever alarm function (available only on the paid for version) that sends your location to your ‘buddies’ in the case of an emergency.

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4. OS Mapfinder

Free to download this app provides Ordnance Survey mapping for Android, Apple and Kindle tablets or smartphones.

Zoom into maps to find your way, let GPS track your routes and use the planning function to plot your routes and disocver how long your hack (or walk) will take.

5. What3words

What3words is a free location app which helps rescue services find riders and horses by splitting the world into a grid of 3mx3m squares and giving each square a unique combination of three words.

So, for example, shine.rating.moods takes you to an exact spot.

It is free to download for iOS and Android and also works offline. It is available in more than 40 languages (including Welsh) and can be used anywhere in the world.